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Ambai Tank (Devkar Panand) Branch

Devkar Panand Branch Address
  • R. S. No. 921, ‘A’ Ward, Nikam Park, Devkar Panand, Kolhapur - 416012

About Ourselves
This bank was founded on 22nd February, 1972.
Kolhapur District has been a leading area in the co-operative sector of Maharashtra. But the number of co-operative banks was small. The economically backward people had to borrow money at a very high interest rate from private money lenders.

A renowned social worker, the late J.G. Kulkarni, took initiative in setting up a co-operative bank to serve the common man. Shri. V.N.Sanglikar, Dr.R.G.Kulkarni, Shri. C.V.Joshi, Shri. Bapu Khedekar actively supported him and then of a bank came into reality. Today, after forty two years, we can humbly but proudly say that our bank has gained the confidence of the public. Our bank has been struggling hard with the vision of the uplift of the honest but economically weak persons.
  • To make the poor and the middle class, self-sufficient by giving them financial support.
  • To help those people who suffer a lot because of natural calamities like a famine.
  • To organize blood donation and health camps.
  • To honour the members of the Bank who are high-quality students, industrialists and social workers.
  • To give financial help to those who live in poor colonies, to guide and assist the needy women and young persons who have the skill and will to work hard unfortunately they have no capital to start even a small business.
  • To lead the bank to lasting development based on pre-planned program.
of the Bank
Opening of
Devkar Panand branch
Target of 25
crores achieved
The Journey of the Bank
Actual working
started on
Opening of the
Pratibha nagar branch
Opening of the Head
Office in Bank’s
own building
Opening of
Kavala Naka branch
our bank
Core banking
The facility to pay various taxes
The facility of personal cheques
Customer – oriented service
Independent Marketing and Retail departments
Every year Gatherings of senior citizens, young industrialists and women are organized
The facility of RTGS /NEFT
SMS alert
The facility of lockers
CTS Clearing
The facility of Aadhar linked subsidies
The bank keeps close contact with its members through well-organized campaigns
Indicating Progress
  • The first bank in western Maharashtra to reach the target of Bhagyashri Deposit Scheme within one month in 1983
  • In 1992, the Mahadwar Branch was shifted to the Bank’s own building which was opened at the auspicious hands of Rajmata Vijayaraje Shinde who was then a member of Parliament.
  • In 2001, the Bank reached the target of 25 crores.
  • In 2011, the Bank reached the target of 100 crores.
  • The target of 4 crores of the Panchganga Pariwar Thev Yojana was achieved within only 12 days.
  • In 2011-2012, Nachiket Prakashan of Nagpur honoured the Bank with the title of the Best Bank
  • In 2012, Sahakar Sugandha honoured the Bank by bestowing it “Special Prize”.
  • A committee of 8 members from Nepal Visited the Bank to study the working of co-operative Banks.
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