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Whether you are opening your first bank account or have managed a checking account for years, we are here to take care of all your needs.
Loan is an easy and affordable way to better your life. Think about the good that a loan can do for you or your family. Avail & enjoy our benefits.
We provide information on the various Interest rates offered by us on various loans and deposit schemes to all our customers.
We provide locker facilities at a very nominal rate. Available in different sizes, you could choose them based on your requirement.
Annual Reports
For the befit of our customers, we make sure our reports are updated on timely basis wth all the required information.


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Shree Panchganga Nagari sahakari Bank Ltd., Kolhapur  is registered with DICGC



About Our Bank
This bank was founded on 22nd February, 1972.
Kolhapur District has been a leading area in the co-operative sector of Maharashtra. But the number of co-operative banks was small. The economically backward people had to borrow money at a very high interest rate from private money lenders.

A renowned social worker, the late J.G. Kulkarni, took initiative in setting up a co-operative bank to serve the common man. Shri. V.N.Sanglikar, Dr.R.G.Kulkarni, Shri. C.V.Joshi, Shri. Bapu Khedekar actively supported him and then of a bank came into reality. Today, after forty two years, we can humbly but proudly say that our bank has gained the confidence of the public . Our bank has been struggling hard with the vision of the uplift of the honest but economically weak persons.
Our Products
Savings Deposit
It is an interest-bearing deposit account, which serves as one of the safest ways to invest your hard-earned money.
Current Deposit
Usually opened in order to carry out their banking transactions, assists a zero-interest account.
Term Deposit
Term deposits are fixed-term investments so once you’ve locked in the term you can’t withdraw any funds, which is a great savings tool
Loan Schemes
Turn your dream into effectively reality by opting to loan scheme. We have tailor-made personal loans in various categories
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